Most businesses today are hungry for more Internet speed. As little as seven years ago, many businesses were deploying networks based largely on T-1 (1.544Mbps) architectures.

Today, many of our customers are deploying 100Mbps+ fiber connections. Data is growing at an unprecedented pace driven largely by business demands for instantanThe Need for Speedeous access. The proliferation of Cloud Solutions (UCaaS, SaaS, IaaS, etc.) has fundamentally changed the way most businesses operate. In attempts to feed customers’ seemingly insatiable hunger for more bandwidth, we now see Google, AT&T, Comcast and others introducing Gigabit speed services.

At SETEL, we deal with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) on a daily basis. We understand who delivers reliable and fast bandwidth at the most competitive price. Customers have come to rely on us to provide objective recommendations for their bandwidth requirements based on the ever-changing landscape. SETEL does not simply “shop” for the most competitively priced bandwidth solution. We have developed deep relationships with every major carrier in the United States and work hand-in-hand with the carriers to ensure our customers experience a smooth transition to their new ISP. In the event the incumbent carrier is the best alternative, we aid in renegotiating agreements to ensure our customers are receiving the most bandwidth for their buck.

We have seen bandwidth pricing fall over 50% in the last three years and fully expect the trend to continue. If you have used the same carrier for three years or more, I would encourage you to engage the SETEL team for a zero cost bandwidth audit.