Cloud and Security are two words that many find to by polar opposites. We’ve all witnessed high-profile cyber attacks targeting organizations large and small, public and private.

However, most targeted customers store information in their own managed data center and information most valued by these criminals typically revolve around personal information: social security numbers, PINs, credit cards, log-on credentials, and healthcare records. SETEL UC typically sees security issues related to the theft of long distance services by cyber criminals who take over a portion of your phone system and sell access via usernames and passwords to unsuspecting people who are seeking low cost international calling capabilities.

The Cloud and SecurityDetection does not occur until your long distance bill comes through, and significant toll charges surface. At this point, it’s too late, and your carrier will expect you to pay for all of the usages.

At SETEL UC, our standard practice is to disable remote access to systems we install and a proactive monitoring of those systems to ensure cyber criminals move onto other systems. SETEL UC also offers Cloud Hosted Voice and UC products. These technologies are housed in multiple fully redundant Carrier Grade centers with multiple layers of security protocols. In addition, the FCC has mandated rules regarding the security of customer records that we adhere to on a daily basis. We take security very seriously and are ready to help you define best practices to ensure your organization isn’t their next target.