Over the last several years, the common buzz in our industry continues to be “Unified Communications” or UC.

These two words describe a variety of features that are available in today’s communications solutions. More prominently though is how UC can improve your business. How can it support the mission of your business and how can you take advantage of this to reduce expenses, improve your service, and deliver quality results?Business is a Buzz

Implementing Unified Communications can be one of the best and worst decisions a company can make and eventually all businesses will be faced with the decision to implement or pass on a Unified Communications solution. Organizations large and small are dealing with similar communications issues. Challenges include how to handle the remote workforce, the Millennials in the workforce, the shift to mobile phones, cross-departmental productivity via collaboration and business continuity. Developing the right plan coupled with the right service provider who will follow through on your needs are the basics. Having that service provider develop a fully integrated solution and provide excellence in service and support are critical to success.

Our team of professionals is well versed to help recommend and guide you through the myriad of solutions that are on the market today. Having just celebrated our 41st anniversary; we are one the most of experienced communications integrators in the nation. We know communications and help organizations of all sizes define their objective, goals and workflows while implementing, servicing and measuring to ensure their system provides their organization with the desired outcomes. More importantly, we use our solutions every day. SETEL has remote workers and multiple offices locations, all team members carry mobile phones, our various department collaborate daily, and we are very cost conscience while working to improve productivity and service every day.

In addition, several of our offices were impacted by weather over the last several months. When our offices closed due to these weather events, our call center team continued to receive calls, seamlessly providing excellence in service from their home as if they were in the office. With the use of our technology, we no longer have to figure out which number to call to reach a team member. We use four-digit dialing to any team member who can answer the call on their PC, cellular phone, tablet or desk phone and this type of service eliminates all local and long distance phone usage expense. All of our team members have the ability chat or group chat when voice communication is not necessary. Each team member can initiate a video call to any video-enabled device. Our collaboration tools enable desktop sharing, recording of sessions and are video enabled.

Seems complicated?

The most undervalued item is simplicity. All of our solutions are very intuitive and extremely easy to use. Seems expensive? We tailor our solutions to your financial needs whether it’s an outright purchase or through subscription plans based on a per user basis. Unified Communications is what we do if your business sounds like our business, or you’re looking to upgrade your system, or looking to add additional functionality to meet your needs, give us a call. We are known in the market for our exemplary service and support. Today’s SETEL is now the leader in the industry for fully integrated UC solutions and managed services, and we look forward to partnering with your organization for the next 40 years.